The Enhanced Driver License: A Dream Realized


Perhaps you already know that Washington was the first state in the nation to offer an Enhanced Driver License or “EDL.” This video reveals the uphill and determined battle that state, federal and private partners overcame in their quest to make the EDL dream come true. All involved were well-aware of the looming June 2009 implementation of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

This video features interviews with more than a dozen people, including two travelers we found at the Blaine, Washington border crossing; each shared why he is happy to have an EDL. Maybe the EDL is a good idea for you, too.

Remember, the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver are fast-approaching!

2 Responses to The Enhanced Driver License: A Dream Realized

  1. Brad Benfield says:

    DOL would like to thank Mr. Kissinger for taking the time to alert us to this service issue. We are sorry we did not meet your performance expectation and appreciate this feedback. It will be forwarded to the appropriate agency leaders for follow-up. High demand for our Enhanced Driver License this summer has presented service challenges, but we always are working to improve.

  2. Ken Kissinger says:

    I arrived at the Renton Office at 8:20 AM on Tuesday August 18 with my wife and children to get EDL’s and EID’s. My number was called at 11:30 AM. I had to wait until after 2:30 PM to be called up to complete the EDL and EID’s. At no time was I informed that this process would take six and 1/2 hours. If I had known this I would have just got passports for my family. We had all the required documents, we are all born and raised in Washington state. The staff at the Renton office knows how many people they can process in a given day based on the available staff. They should have informed the applicants of the approximate wait times. The system is broken if people should have to wait this long. You should inform the public of this on your website and at the Renton office.

    Ken Kissinger EMC,USNR(Retired)
    Covington WA

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