DOL expands online business licensing

by Christine Anthony

The Department of Licensing has increased its offering of online business licenses from five to more than 90, in a recent expansion of the Internet Master Business Application.

The department is making it easier for business owners to register for multiple licenses that are regulated by multiple state agencies.

“We are providing one-stop licensing services for business owners that will… (read more).

3 Responses to DOL expands online business licensing

  1. Mr. Moll,

    We are sorry you had trouble using our online vehicle renewal system to buy your new tab. I suspect the trouble you ran into was the format for entering your credit card expiration date. In our system this date has to be entered using a two-digit month and a four-digit year (05/2012, in your case). Based on your note, it appears you may have been trying to enter a two-digit year, which would have produced this result.

    I will forward your concern to the team that maintains this service to make sure we are making this as clear as possible. Thank you for taking the time to share your concern.

  2. Frank H. Moll says:

    I recommend you hire new (and competent) programmers. I attempted to order my new auto tabs on line using my credit card. I entered everything correctly including the date of expiration which is “o5/12”. Your system refused the transaction stating that the expiration date was invalid. WRONG!
    Frank Moll

    • Daniel Webster says:

      I beleive the date of expiration requires numbers only and not letters. As stated in your comment, it appears you entered “o5/12” (lower case letter o, numbers 5, 1, 2) as your date.

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