Corrected vehicle renewal notices sent to Shoreline

corrected notice envelope

Corrected renewal notices will be sent to Shoreline residents in envelopes like this.

By Brad Benfield

The Department of Licensing is mailing corrected vehicle renewal notices to approximately 800 vehicle owners in the City of Shoreline who recently received vehicle renewal notices with an incorrect fee total. A DOL system error resulted in notices that did not include a new City of Shoreline Local Transportation Benefit District fee collected for the first time on vehicles with tabs that expire in February.

These vehicle owners received a notice that did not include this new $20 local fee imposed by the City of Shoreline to help pay for local transportation projects. As a result, the fee total included on the notice is $20 lower than the actual amount due.

This issue only affects vehicles subject to this fee registered inside the City of Shoreline with a tab expiration date early in February. Shoreline residents with an expiration date later in the month will receive a renewal notice with a correct fee total.

The corrected renewal notices will include a special message on the front of the envelope and on the top of the notice itself alerting the vehicle owner to the error and corrected fee total.

Affected Shoreline vehicle owners who already have sent their renewal notice and payment in for processing before receiving their corrected renewal notice will have their original notice and check returned to them by King County Vehicle Licensing. Those who take their notice in to a local vehicle licensing office will have the error explained to them in person.

General information about the Shoreline Local Transportation Benefit District can be found on the Department of Licensing website—

Shoreline residents with general questions about the Shoreline Local Transportation Benefit District can call (206) 801-2302. Those with a question about an affected renewal notice sent by mail can contact King County Vehicle Licensing at (206) 296-4000.

2 Responses to Corrected vehicle renewal notices sent to Shoreline

  1. Sherry says:

    I live in Lake Forest Park and was also overcharged $20 on my tab renewals due at the end of July. I did not receive a corrected statement, however, only a returned check 5 days before my tab renewals are due. I would hope the county will waive the drop-in fee for having to visit a sub-agency in person to renew.

  2. It is always nice when the fee is less than what we originally received.

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