Beware of unlicensed limo companies

Part of the poster sent to high schools around the state

By Christine Anthony

Prom season is just around the corner, so we’re reminding kids and parents interested in hiring a limousine company to check them out first. You might find a great deal on the Internet or see a great ad in the phone book, but that doesn’t guarantee a limo company is properly licensed.

Do your homework before you put your money down. DOL is teaming up with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to send a poster with this message to every high school in the state. We don’t want anyone to be taken for a ride by an unlicensed limo company.

To find out if the limousine service you want to use is licensed, visit the Department of Licensing website, click on the business licensing tab, and select, check Status of Business or Professional License.

More detailed information about this is available in a press release posted on our website.

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