Internet scammers pretend to be DOL director

A portion of the fraudulent letter.

A portion of the fraudulent letter.

By Brad Benfield

An Alabama man recently contacted us here at the Department of Licensing for clarification on an email that appeared to be from DOL Director Liz Luce requesting that he fill out several forms to claim a lottery prize. The email was, of course, completely bogus. Please be on the lookout for this or similar scams.

At a glance, the correspondence looks almost official. It has a DOL logo and text swiped from our website. It also appears to have been bundled with actual Washington state forms.

DOL doesn’t ask customers to send personal information via email. You should be suspicious of any email or phone call from an organization asking you for information that they already should have. And, of course, you should be extremely wary of anyone telling you that you’ve won a lottery or contest you didn’t enter or trying to give you money you didn’t earn.

 Key things to remember:

  • If it looks or sounds too good to be true, it probably is
  • Protect your Social Security number
  • Be on guard while using the Internet and use complex passwords
  • Verify sources and addresses before sharing information
  • Treat mail and trash carefully

3 Responses to Internet scammers pretend to be DOL director

  1. Angel Amir says:

    Those boat look great, I love to go to the sea in a boat thanks for the article.

  2. olaf eriksen says:

    This is the second time in the last two weeks I have tried to renew my boat registration . 1st time it wouldnt accept the hin number the second time it would’nt accept the last two numbers of the registration letters. does this online licence site work for any one

    • DOL Blog says:

      Hello Mr. Eriksen,

      I’m sorry you are having trouble using our sytem. It sounds like perhaps when you are entering your boat registration number, you are entering the leading “WN” characters. I think if you try doing it without entering the “WN” at the beginning, it will likely work. We are working on making changes to our site to make this more clear in the future.

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