State budget cuts to close DOL offices temporarily

by Christine Anthony

State budget cuts will close some DOL offices on Monday, July 12, and some on Tuesday, July 13, as employees take the first of required temporary layoff days that must be taken over the next year. 

Licensing offices that are normally open Monday through Friday will be closed on July 12, and offices that are normally open Tuesday through Saturday will be closed on July 13.  Headquarter operations, including the customer service center, will be closed July 12. The temporary layoff days don’t affect county auditor or private vehicle licensing offices.

During office closures, DOL’s online services will still be available at

3 Responses to State budget cuts to close DOL offices temporarily

  1. karensouthw says:

    This would be the perfect time to use the online system. However since I’ve moved in the last 5 years I cannot. Too bad you aren’t linked to the postal service, utility company or some other way to confirm addresses so people like me (clean records etc) don’t need to luck out and find your office open.

  2. Unhappy customer says:

    This is highly inconvenient! There should have been frequent public announcements about this on local television channels several months prior to closure.

    • DOL Blog says:

      We understand your frustration. This isn’t an easy situation for anyone, but it is an important part of our state’s effort to deal with a significant budget shortfall while maintaining essential services.

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