Update — traffic ticket refund information

We’ve consolidated information on the Model Traffic Ordinance issue and potential traffic citation refunds onto one page. Click here for more information.

6 Responses to Update — traffic ticket refund information

  1. Andy says:


    Does anybody know if City of Mill Creek is included in this reimbursement. I contacted them but they said they aren’t, but in this story it seems all cities are included except Seattle and Washington State Patrol. Thanks.

    • DOL Blog says:

      Looks like they are not affected by this, but it also depends on what agency you received a ticket from.

    • ray says:

      Hey andy,

      Did you find out whether Mill Creek is included in this reimbursement or any further information? thanks.

      • DOL Blog says:

        Mill Creek has been added to the list of jurisdictions that are not affected by this issue. There are several jurisdictions that are not affected because of the way their citations are written. If tickets written within a jurisdiction cite the state law directly, they are not affected. If their tickets cite a municipal code, then refunds may be in order.

  2. Debra Nooney says:

    I tryed to fill out the form to change my address and it would not print.. What have I done wrong???

    • DOL Blog says:

      Hello Ms. Nooney,
      Not sure why you’re having printing difficulties. If you need assistance regarding the form you mentioned, you can contact DOL customer assistance at drivers@dol.wa.gov or by calling (360) 902-3900.

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