Driving Skills for Life brings out hundreds of teens

A safe driving event in Auburn brought more than 200 teens and their parents out for the day to learn advanced vehicle handling skills from instructors from across the nation.

The National Governor’s Highway Safety Association and Ford Motor Company brought their touring event to Western Washington this week.

Director of Licensing Liz Luce welcomed the students and parents to the half-day event and took a spin on the driving course as well. Luce said that as a mother and grandmother, traffic safety and top-notch driver education is one of her top priorities for the agency.

Along with DOL, the State Patrol and Washington Traffic Safety Commission partnered with the event.

2 Responses to Driving Skills for Life brings out hundreds of teens

  1. James lanco says:

    This is nice but here DOL is spending all this money and time and are you guys still having furloughs? Figures lay people off and still do functions that require I am sure money.

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