Off road motorcycles not legal for street use; some registrations being canceled

 DOL recently learned about a procedural issue that allowed the owners of some off-road motorcycles to register them for use on public roadways. State and federal laws prohibit vehicles manufactured specifically for off-road use from being licensed and registered for use on public streets.

Off-road motorcycles and other types of off-road vehicles can be registered with DOL as off-road vehicles and are eligible for off-road vehicle permits. These permits allow use the use of these vehicles for recreational purposes on public land, but not on public roads.

DOL is working to cancel license plates and motorcycle registrations issued to the owners of off-road motorcycles. These individuals will receive new off-road vehicle registrations and an off-road vehicle permit.

Click here for detailed questions and answers about this issue.

6 Responses to Off road motorcycles not legal for street use; some registrations being canceled

  1. Mark Bezinque says:

    In case you are new to researching this issue… please read all the Comments/Info at the DOL Blog (link below) for Off-road Street Legal Motorcycles and how the WA DOL and ATG want to pretend the 1998-2000 WSP inpections and conversion of Off-Road Motorcycles never happened, and continue to break the Law!

  2. Phuck says:

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infect the DOL and WSP

  3. todd k says:

    We all just need to rally together to get this fixed. I created an email account for this cause. We will contact our washington government and make our voice heard. I will contact KTM, the AMA and the blue ribbon coalition for help. We will rally at the steps of the DOL leaders and on the capital steps. This is not a safety issue, the bikes are safer than these home builts or some of the cars on the road. It is not an emissions issue, these bikes burn very clean and get very good gas milage, they are green. Some special interest group has an axe to grid. If they want to inspect to keep the plate then so be it, but to revoke when that’s why a specific bike was purchased, unacceptable. If its about money, write a ticket to the offenders that are not legal. Send an email to: to rally together and solve this issue. Todd

  4. Enduro Rider says:

    There is no RCW or other legal statute that allows for the confiscation of these license plates. In fact there is a legitimate appeal process to this outrage (see below). There is nothing in the RCW or other legal statutes that disallows dirt bikes from being made into legal street vehicles with the right modifications. (Again, see denial below for appeal.)

    The RCW and WAC of Washington state clearly state what is required to be licensed. This must be challenged on both an individual level and on a procedural level. There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding among legislators as to what a “dual sport” is, most modern “dirt bikes” can easily be converted to a very safe street legal motorcycle that exceeds by far the safety capabilities of most motorcycles that were and are licensed from the very recent past.

    RCW 46.12.240
    Appeals to superior court from suspension, revocation, cancellation, or refusal of license or certificate. (Effective until July 1, 2011.)
    (1) The suspension, revocation, cancellation, or refusal by the director of any license or certificate provided for in chapters 46.12 and 46.16 RCW is conclusive unless the person whose license or certificate is suspended, revoked, canceled, or refused appeals to the superior court of Thurston county, or at his or her option to the superior court of the county of his or her residence, for the purpose of having the suspension, revocation, cancellation, or refusal of the license or certificate set aside. Notice of appeal must be filed within ten days after receipt of the notice of suspension, revocation, cancellation, or refusal. Upon the filing of the notice of appeal the court shall issue an order to the director to show cause why the license should not be granted or reinstated, which order shall be returnable not less than ten days after the date of service thereof upon the director. Service shall be in the manner prescribed for service of summons and complaint in other civil actions. Upon the hearing on the order to show cause, the court shall hear evidence concerning matters with reference to the suspension, revocation, cancellation, or refusal of the license or certificate and shall enter judgment either affirming or setting aside the suspension, revocation, cancellation, or refusal.

    (2) This section does not apply to vehicle registration cancellations under *RCW 46.16.710 through 46.16.760.
    [2010 c 8 § 9006; 1987 c 388 § 8; 1965 ex.s. c 121 § 42; 1961 c 12 §46.20.340 . Prior: 1953 c 23 § 2; 1937 c 188 § 74; RRS § 6312-74. Formerly RCW 46.20.340.]
    *Reviser’s note: RCW 46.16.710 through 46.16.760 expired July 1, 1993.
    Effective date — Severability — 1987 c 388: See notes following RCW 46.20.342.

  5. john schuller says:

    Actually its 800 vehicles they are trying to cancel plates on….retroactively. Many of which have been licensed for over eight years! No mention of the RCW these plates violate, just being told its being cancelled.
    Also NO federal law is being violated, these same vehicles are licensed in other states with no problem.
    Typical bull from bureaucrats in DOL.
    I will operate with out valid plates, catch me if you can. No more money from me dummies!

  6. Mark Meluskey says:

    Since I have joined the Army 19yrs ago I have noticed that anything that needs to be done for service members abroad is nothing but painfull. I am really wondering if this state is military friendly or just says it is. After 19yrs of service and 7 combat deployments it is almost impossible to get any type of help or assitance from anyone in this state. Deffenatly one of the worst state goverment agancies in this great country.

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