New videos take viewers inside Washington’s driver test

by Mark Horner

Anxious about that upcoming driving test?  Wish you could see what to expect?  Well, now you can.  A new video series featuring Washington’s driving test is now available on YouTube.

In this initial release, the driving test series features the following four videos:

  Each segment in the series runs less than 3-minutes. And while these videos don’t cover the entire driving test,  they do address areas that often present the biggest challenges to new drivers. 

  The videos are produced by Department of Licensing staff and feature on-camera performances by DOL employees Katherine Knudson and Jay Glenn.

One Response to New videos take viewers inside Washington’s driver test

  1. erick says:

    safety very starts at home. That’s all of it. No excuses should ever be made for knowingly speeding or even not wearing seatbelts and forgetting passengers to wear them

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