DOL is more than just driver licenses and car tabs

Every working day, DOL is serving Washington residents. The agency licenses and regulates drivers, vehicles and vessels and works with law enforcment to ensure our roadways and the traveling public is safe.

But there’s a whole other side of the agency that isn’t as obvious, but is critical to consumer protection in our state. DOL licenses and regulates 30 different professions, and issues business licenses through the Master License Service.

Each year, we:

  • Manage about 262,000 professional licenses.
  • Register nearly 4,000 complaints regarding professional licenses.
  • Issue over 3,000 cosmetology operator licenses for cosmetologists, barbers, manicurists, and estheticians.
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    1. Larry Varney says:

      I have a question on Charges applied to Automobile Registration. Please explain what fees are included within “Other”. I have the special Wildlife Endangered plates, but the amount is not shown on my registration. If it is included in “Other” I would suggest it and all other charges be itemized.

      Larry Varney

    2. DOL Blog says:

      Hi Mr. McDonald,

      First off, sorry I missed seeing your comment earlier.

      Typically, it takes between four and six weeks to receive the Title. More to the point, it typically takes between four and six weeks from the date the Title transaction was processed.

      You can find the date that your Title transaction was processed on your Registration. That date is located in the upper left corner.

      And as you likely already know, the registered owner must sign the Registration. If there are two registered owners, both must sign the Registration. Of course, you’ll want to keep that Registration in your car.

      Lastly, there are times when Titles aren’t received within six weeks. This is often due to a paperwork error made by the dealer. When the DOL realizes that the Title application paperwork is not in proper order, it will send a letter to the vehicle’s registered owner(s) advising him/her/them of the paperwork concern.

      Again, sorry this all comes a bit late. Hope it helps you or someone else following this thread.

      Have a safe and pleasant New Year.

    3. J. McDonald says:

      We recently bought a new car and we own it. When the plates came, there was an “Application for Registration and Title” in the box with them. When should we expect the Title to arrive? Thanks, Jim.

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