Email renewal notices saving time and money

The Department of Licensing (DOL) is offering vehicle and boat owners the opportunity to receive vehicle and boat renewal notices sent by email instead of through the mail.

Email renewal notices provide all of the information of a traditional paper renewal notice and also feature a link to DOL’s online renewal systems. Using this link, owners can have new tabs ordered and on their way within minutes of receiving the notice.

This is especially important for the owners of boats and other types of watercraft because funding for these types of paper renewal notices has been eliminated due to state budget cuts. Email renewal notices are the only renewal reminder option for boats and watercraft.   

“We hope people embrace email renewal notices and sign up quickly because they really are a win for everybody,” DOL Director Liz Luce said. “They streamline the tab renewals, save trees and save the state money at a time we need to find ways to cut back.”    

Vehicle and boat owners can sign up any time for email renewal notices through the agency’s website at

4 Responses to Email renewal notices saving time and money

  1. Mike K says:

    Ok I renewed online and was charged 25 for renewal and 75 for reissue, $ 100 total…why? not feeling green here

    • DOL Blog says:

      Hi Mike,
      Generally speaking, the $75 figure applies to cases wherein a license has been suspended. If you’d like more information about your specific situation, you can get it by calling our Drivers Customer Service phone number: (360) 902-3900. When you call that number, you’ll initially get a recording prompting you to select an option on your dial pad. You’ll want to select option 6.

      • Mike says:

        Thank you for the respose but by license was in good standing and upon applying for renewal on line both boxes were checked for renewal fee and reissue fee and I was not ablt to uncheck

      • DOL Blog says:

        You’re welcome, Mike. Let’s get to the bottom of it. E-mailing you now.

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