Many people taking advantage of email renewal notices

New seven-character license plate formatA legislative proposal to encourage the use of email renewal reminders for our state’s cars and trucks to save the state $3.8 million per year is getting a lot of attention in the media. Under this proposal, vehicle owners would be given the options of signing up for free email renewal reminders, paying an additional fee to continue receiving traditional paper vehicle renewal notices, or skipping renewal notices altogether.

Informal online polls and reader comments on news websites indicate many people think the time is right for switching to email renewal notices. The good news is that DOL already offers email renewal reminders. The benefits to signing up for them go well beyond cost savings, and more than 300,000 people have already signed up.

Email renewal notices have a link to DOL’s popular online vehicle tab renewal system. You can open your reminder, click the link, and have your new tabs on their way to your home in a matter of minutes. This means no more writing checks or driving across town. Email renewal reminders also are much more environmentally friendly than the paper notices.

You can sign up all your vehicles (and boats) right now at the DOL website.

14 Responses to Many people taking advantage of email renewal notices

  1. L M DeLay says:

    I just got a notice to renew about 7 months early. What good is that?

  2. Jim Meskan says:

    This online program would work better and more people would use it if you gave a 5.00 or 10.00 discount for using it. Also, I just tried to get license tabs for a boat trailer, filled in all the information and I got an error notice saying it needs additional information. Okay fine. NOW where do I type in the additional information? and WHAT information is wanted in addition to the License Plate Number and Last Name or Last 4 digits of VIN? Iam stuck, there is no section identifying what the information is that is wanted and NO HELP POPUPS. The SYSTEM has flaws! Also, this SYSTEM does not allow you to make payment for multiple transactions ie. boats and jetskis are all due by June 30th of every year. It would be nice to be able to fill out my credit card info just ONE TIME for multiple boats and jetskis. It is the little inconveninces like these that get people aggravated at computer usage in dealing with shoddy programs. Hire a foreigner the next time you think you “know” how to write computer programs!! GEEEZ!

  3. Mike Hartman says:

    Just received my first email reminder (that’s why I’m on this website) and it’s for my boat trailer that was due YESTERDAY. Can we have the reminders BEFORE the tabs are due?

  4. Chris Starling says:

    E-mail reminders and on-line renewal are just great. Pity we have had to wait so long for such a simple idea. For those who are afraid that the system won’t work, they should look at their numberplate next time they fill up. Since emission inspections are every two years, why not let those who want to, renew for two years. Saves effort and fees and state gets a small one time cash bonus. Sorry, Mary, that you found DOL employees rude. I don’t, considering what a tedious job it must be.

  5. SKA says:

    Make sure your DOL email reminder is marked safe to go into your Inbox. I also note the date in my Outlook Calendar with a highlighted reminder that pops up a month early. I know when it’s due even if DOL somehow drops the ball in getting a notification out.

  6. Gladys says:

    Well, I signed up for email renewal notices for one of my vehicles and I have yet to receive an email notification when my renewal is due (March 2011). Fortunately I remembered, ON MY OWN, that my tabs needed to be renewed and was able to renew them before they expired. I will not sign up for any more email notifications until I know, FOR CERTAIN, that this process works!

  7. Kaye Crandall says:

    I think on-line renewal is great. I can do it from anywhere and have the tags mailed to me. I find it very convenient as I live over 30 miles from an office.

  8. Les Lloyd says:

    This a terrible way to renew tabs, instead of the mail notice.The state make a ton of money already off of renewals and auto. registrations already. Whats the cost of a stamp versus what the state takes in, what a joke…..

  9. Mary Crosby says:

    Or I could just renew with the old address and then send in another address change via the mail. Maybe that’s what I’ll do. Seems like they are several glitches in the system for address changes but I can get around them easy enough and still save myself time at the dreaded DOL location.

  10. Mary Crosby says:

    I sent in a change of address form, via mail over 6 months ago. I got my renewal notice and can renew online but DOL still has my old address. My renewal date is April 3. I now have to go and wait in line for the rude state employees, taking number and sitting in cold, dirty DOL offices that are anywhere but convenient. I’d LOVE to take advantage of the online renewal but the state won’t let me.

    • DOL Blog says:

      There could be a number of reasons that you aren’t eligible for online renewal this time around. In terms of your change of address, you can contact our polite customer service center either by phone at 360-902-3900 or via email at

    • ASmith says:

      I think generally the DOL employees do a fantastic job. Imagine, the blog you wrote and your attitude!? maybe they only react to your tude and how many people do they serve with all kinds of problems and issues??? It is not an easy job. People can’t even have their WADL’s out and ready! Perhaps if DOL raised their fees, since they have not in over 10 years, it could reduce the traffic of people with attitudes!

  11. says:

    what I find amazing is that it took them this long and millions of dollars to figure out they didn’t need to send reminders in the first place?????come on bureacracy figure this stuff out before the millions are spent and that you have to figure out a way to save taxpayers money????????

  12. Pat Herrington says:

    The idea of charging people to recieve their renewal notices is terrible. Many people do not own computers, and to penalize for that is terrible. Many people such as the senior driver still like and need that paper notice. That is just how they do things. Some of these ideas to save money are just ways to make it in other areas. Such as traffic infractions for expired tabs.

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