Don’t let your dream event turn into a nightmare

Teens getting into a licensed limo

If you‘re hiring a limo or town car for a prom or another special event, make sure you’re riding safely and in style.

Washington has a lot of licensed limousine companies to choose from.  Before hiring one, make sure the limo and the driver are properly licensed by the state.

To find out if the limousine service you plan to use is licensed, visit the Department of Licensing website at or call 360-664-1414.

One Response to Don’t let your dream event turn into a nightmare

  1. What this video fails to mention is that the sticker on the back with George Washington’s head isn’t good for vehicles carrying more than 14 passengers. There are several ways to register prom vehicles in this state and plenty of solid companies run larger (or smaller) vehicles under the UTC, not the DOL. It’s the operators that run 20-passenger Hummers without registering anywhere that are most likely not to be carrying the right insurance, and that’s what’s truly important. Ask to see proof of insurance (14 passengers or less need about $1 million in coverage, more than that requires $5 million) and get your parents involved. One fender bender and it’s your family that could end paying for everything. Illegal operators steal the white stickers all the time, or print them up themselves, so they’re not really a way to judge a limo. If a company seems fishy, or too cheap to be true, walk away. QUICK TEST: If they carry any vehicles on their website that carry more than 14 passengers but they are not registered here: RUN AWAY!

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