Family hopes their tragedy will push drivers to “look twice” for motorcycles

Need another reason to look twice for motorcycles? Robert Peffley’s family is sharing one from the heart; a story told in videos that are part of the state’s Look Twice, Save a Life motorcycle safety campaign.

In the summer of 2007, Peffley was riding his motorcycle near his Lynnwood home when a car turned in front of his bike, killing him.

Cathi Dykstra knows that the cause of her son’s death is a familiar one. So often, drivers  involved in these type of serious injury or fatality crashes with motorcycles say they never saw the rider. Just days ago, on Saturday, June 25, a 41-year old Port Orchard man was killed after a car crossed the center line on State Route 3 just north of Belfair, striking him.

Dykstra hopes that Pef’s story will reach people in a way that statistics and collision reports might not. Emotionally.

“When (doctors) took me in to see him and there he was, and all the light was gone. But there he was.  He was my baby boy…but not,” Dykstra shared on camera. 

After her brother’s death, Kimberly Peffley changed  her career path.  She now manages a motorcycle safety school, and calls her new job part of her therapy.

“I feel like I wanted to protect anyone out there who wanted to ride because he loved it so much,” Peffley said.

The Look Twice,  Save a Life campaign is sponsored by the state Department of Licensing, State Patrol and the Traffic Safety Commission.

4 Responses to Family hopes their tragedy will push drivers to “look twice” for motorcycles

  1. Steve Miller says:

    Cathi and family…. This is so heart warming to see and hear how you are making a real difference in our community to just keep folks safer in the name of Rob! I ride and know too well how little inattentive moment can steam roll into a tragedy . So I applaud and support your fine efforts. Keep up the good work and thanks! Congested to the State Patrol for their wonderful effort working with you and Rob’s family and friends. Be well and take care! Steve

  2. DOL Blog says:

    Very sorry to learn of your loss, Ms. Wolter. Thank you for posting your comment. It’s been forwarded to Mr. Peffley’s mother and sister.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I too lost my son on a motorcycle where a young girl “didn’t see him”. Our family will have a hole in their hearts for the rest of my time.
    My son lost his life Feb. 17, 2010 in Sultan.
    God Bless you and God watch over the motorcyclists.

    Gloria Wolter

    • Cathi Dykstra says:

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you as well. The hole will reamain as you said. We want to do whatever we can to make sure no one else loses a family member and feels that pain.

      Take care
      Pef’s mom Cathi

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