New web service added to help drivers get back on the road legally


If your driver license is suspended due to unpaid traffic tickets, a DUI or a number of other things, it can be a challenge to navigate the court system to get it back. For the nearly 300,000 Washingtonians with a suspended license, things are about to get a little easier.

We’ve rolled out a new web-based service that shows people what they need to do and who they need to contact to get their license back. Users can securely enter their personal information and the system will provide a printable list of the court issues and state requirements needing to be resolved. It also provides contact information for each item. It is available at the DOL website. 


5 Responses to New web service added to help drivers get back on the road legally

  1. No Name for fear of Alliance One and Clark County says:

    The Clark County driver license restoration program is a very good and effective program, its the collection agency, AllianceOne, that is bad. They are rude, and they are thieves. I wish that more people would go to the court and give their stories of how AllianceOne has done them.

  2. trisha says:

    what about the reduced payments for low income people? effective 7/22/2011

    • DOL Blog says:

      Hello Trisha. Many local courts have developed programs to help people clear up the traffic tickets or other issues that are keeping them from getting their driver license reinstated. To learn more about these types of options, people should directly contact the court that requested DOL to suspend their license.

  3. Gloria Hill says:

    I put in the requested information to find out how to reinstate a driver’s license so many times that I was timed out. Each time the message was that the information was erroneous. Then I called the DOL office and entered the same info on the phone. We immediately got what we needed. This website does not seem to be very effective.

    Getting from the video to the actual place to enter info was not perfectly clear either.

  4. Michelle says:

    I like this

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