It’s easy: new online tool to keep your address updated

DOL has introduced a new, easy way for you to keep your driver license or ID card address updated. The web application is available here. You won’t automatically receive a new license or ID card, unless you pay an additional fee for a new one, but your address will be updated in the database.

State law requires that you change your address within ten days of a move.

4 Responses to It’s easy: new online tool to keep your address updated

  1. Jade Naaman says:

    I’m glad this is finally offered. I remember in early August I had to wait 2+ hours just to get my address updated (I know I could have mailed it in, but I also wanted a new photo).

    I filled in a comment card asking that change of addresses be made online, and regardless of whether this was in response to my comment card or not, I am very pleased we took this step to catch up with technology and what others states are doing.

  2. DOL Blog says:

    The DOL change of address application does not provide an option to change your address to an out-of-state address. Washington state law requires the use of your Washington state residence address on your license. If you are no longer have a Washington state address you should seek a driver license in your new home state.

  3. Robert Voyles says:

    I cannot find a menu to change my address to out of state address.This affects not being on jury duty because I do not live in Washington State any longer. Please advise if that link is available.

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