Beware of online look-alikes

A website claiming to be the ‘official provider of Washington driver license forms’ has gotten the attention of DOL after customers called in after running across the site. The website asks customers to pay $24.95. It’s not clear what that payment will get them, but it won’t renew a driver license.

“The only ‘official provider’ of Department of Licensing forms is the Department of Licensing, and they are free,” says DOL director Alan Haight. He says that the agency website is safe, secure and offers a lot of time-saving services.

Customers should always make sure they’re on DOL’s website, as it always starts with Web browsers on the secure portions of the site, like driver license renewal, address change or other services will display that they have a secure connection by using a padlock icon or something similar, as well as displaying https:// as the prefix of the web address. You will also see as the web address on secure state websites.

Some search engines can also return advertisements in the form of ‘sponsored links,’ which can lead users to sites that aren’t what they think they are, so make sure that you know who you are doing business with on the internet, before you give any personal information or click send.

5 Responses to Beware of online look-alikes

  1. Mark Bezinque says:

    DOL Blog,

    Please release info on how the DOL will proceed on Jan 01, 2012 to meet the requirements of SB 5800.

    How a WA resident contacts/starts the process to convert a motorcycle to street legal status, etc.

    I have requested this at other DOL articles and it seems the DOL Blog is not responding quickly as the DOL Blog has on other DOL Blog Questions. (example normally the next day)

    At least let us know a possible ECD the DOL intends to repond with info!

    Mark Bezinque

    • DOL Blog says:

      Hi Mr. Bezinque,

      Right now, we do not know exactly when an announcement will be made, but it will be in coming weeks. We are currently working with off-road motorcycle stakeholder groups to finalize the necessary inspection form and our own internal procedures.

      If we don’t respond to a particular comment, it’s often because we don’t want to encourage the posting of comments that are not related to the subject of the original post (off-topic posts violate our blog use policy).

      Hope this response proves helpful.

      • Mark Bezinque says:

        DOL Blog,

        Thank you… your response has been helpful.
        Hope to be riding my KTM on Washington Roads legally again after 1-1-2012 when SB 5800 takes effect!

        Mark Bezinque

  2. DOL Blog says:

    Hi, Mr. Scott. Sorry for the difficulty you and your mother have experienced. Please contact our customer service representatives so that they can access your records directly. The customer service rep will confirm whether the correct mailing address is on record. The rep should also be able to see whether a reminder notice was sent. Our customer service reps can be contacted by phone and email. Phone: 360-902-3770 email:

  3. Dennis Scott says:

    I license my mother’s car and the title is in both our names. I have been signed up to receive renewal notices but this year we did not receive a notice about her car and today she was stopped for having expired tabs. Fortunately, the officer gave a verbal warning but I would have been very upset if he gave her a ticket when I expected a notice from DOL.

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