Converting off-road motorcycles for street use becomes legal in January

Off-road motorcycle

Off-road motorcycle

Starting January 1, 2012, owners of off-road motorcycles that modify them to meet all applicable state motor vehicle safety standards can apply for license plates that will allow the modified motorcycle to be used on public streets and highways.

This change is the result of Substitute Senate Bill 5800 passed by the Washington State Legislature in April 2011.  

Off-road motorcycle owners wishing to take advantage of this change must add all of the safety equipment required by this new law and then work with a state-licensed motorcycle dealer or repair shop to complete a Motorcycle Highway Use Declaration form. The licensed dealer or repair shop will inspect the off-road motorcycle and certify that all required equipment has been added.

You can learn more about the details of making an off-road motorcycle legal for street use at the Department of Licensing website.

8 Responses to Converting off-road motorcycles for street use becomes legal in January

  1. JUAN CARLOS says:


  2. John says:

    How do I get physical/soft cover “Washington Driver Guide” to prepare for written test?
    Again, not the ebook but the physical/softcover book!

  3. john Schuller says:

    Thank you DOL for wasting a whole lot of taxpayer money to end up where we were many years ago. The WSP inspected bikes then and plates were issued if the machine was up to their standards.

    Good grief, wonder what all this hoopla cost the taxpayer.

    Anyway, now you have had your way, and we will take advantage of the new law the legislature passed.

  4. john Schuller says:

    What are you talking about James?

  5. James Lowndes says:

    Very underhanded and disturbing. I spend my time going through all the ritual to renew my tabs on line and at the end, in extremely fine print, you announce that I will be charged a $5 service fee. Why don’t tell us up front or is that part of your plan to let us get down to the end so a lot of people will just end up paying it? Typical Government approach. James Lowndes

  6. DOL Blog says:

    When conducting an inspection for a customer who wishes to convert their off-road motorcycle for street use, motorcycle dealers and repair shops should use the standards contained in state law. You can learn more about these standards and the state laws behind them, you can consult the special page on the DOL website about conducting inspections:

    If you are interested in learning more about the federal motor vehicle
    safety standards related to motorcycles, you can find them here:

  7. dhally says:

    Can you direct me to the document that instructs the dealers and repair shops, what are the applicable federal safety standards?

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