New special license plates now available

Volunteer Fire Fighter license plate

Volunteer Fire Fighter license plate

The Department of Licensing is now offering two brand new special license plates and a redesigned version of our state’s most popular collegiate plate.

A new Volunteer Fire Fighter license plate is only available to people with a record of volunteer service with a fire district or fire department. This plate will benefit the Washington State Fire Fighters’ Association’s Benevolent Fund.

Music Matters license plate

Music Matters license plate

Anyone can purchase the new Music Matters license plate benefiting music education through Music Aid Northwest. The money raised will help schools to continue offering quality music programs.

In addition to these new special plates, the Washington State University special plate has an entirely new look.
Cougar license plate

Cougar license plate

The plate now has a crimson background with a white Cougar logo and lettering. The revenue from sales and renewals of this plate funds scholarships at WSU.    

You can check out all of the specialty license plates available and learn more about costs and requirements at the DOL website.

One Response to New special license plates now available

  1. Eric says:

    All the different license plate backgrounds make it extremely difficult to identify the issuing state. This damages the primary reason for having license plates, i.e. to identify the vehicle.

    A related question/concern, do the different plates use the separate number sequences or does each plate have a unique number? That is, is it possible to have EWU and a WWU plate which both have the same number? That seems to be the case from my observations. If true, that would also make vehicle identification problematic as it is too difficult to reliably identify the logos at any distance.


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