Don’t be taken for a ride by an unlicensed limousine company

Whether you are a high school student getting ready for prom, or someone planning a special event, if you are going to be hiring a limo, make sure it is licensed by the state. 

There are many quality limousine companies to choose from in Washington state.  Always check references and make sure the company is licensed before you hire them.

To find out if the limousine service you plan to use is licensed by the state, visit the Department of Licensing website at 

If you do not see the business listed, or you do not see it listed as a limousine company, please call 360-705-6744 to verify the limousine company is properly licensed.

Ride safely and in style.

8 Responses to Don’t be taken for a ride by an unlicensed limousine company

  1. DOL Blog says:

    Hi, License Guy. You should see a sticker on the back of the vehicle that indicates the company/vehicle is properly licensed; that sticker also has an expiration date…so you want to make sure it’s not expired. Also, you can ask the company for their licensing information. A properly licensed company should have no hesitation in providing you with that info. Hope this help!

  2. faxauthority says:

    I think the page you’re linking to in your post is broken.

    I try to search for limousine licenses on the site listed, so I follow your link to the page, then I click on “look up a business or professional license”

    I then click “search business and professional licenses”.

    On that screen I choose “type of license” and select “Limousine” and then I get a note saying I’m being redirected to the department of revenue to complete my search…

    that brings me to a page that has nothing to do with limousines but options for things like Whitewater river outfitter, Architecture Firms, and other random businesses…

    I’m using Safari on a Snow Leopard OS (Mac). Hope this helps!

    • DOL Blog says:

      Hi FAxauthority. Really appreciate your feedback! Our website does redirect visitors looking-up limousine licenses to the Department of Revenue website. The category you need to click on is “Vehicle Related Specialty Licenses.” From there, you can choose limousines, and go to where you can check out a limo license. When MLS moved to Revenue, the ability to look-up vehicle-related professional licenses went there, too, which is why there is a redirect.

  3. Mark Bezinque says:

    DOL Blog,

    Thanks… found it!

    “The comment sections on this blog remain open for a period of 30-days.”

    I assume this policy is new ???

    I would like to have the DOL open the Feb 2012 up… so I can add a motorcycle related question to the DOL Blog.

    Note: the Sept 2010 DOL article on Off-road motorcycles was open from Sept 1, 2010 thru May 18th, 2011 for comments.
    (much better policy)

    Since we are on that subject… why does the DOL Off-road motorcycle Q & A not show up when you click on Sept. 2010 in your Archives (blue column to the right) ???

    The only way I seem to be able to find it is to use the Search Box at the top of this page and input “Off-road motorcycle Q&A”

    Mark Bezinque

    • DOL Blog says:

      Hi Mark,

      The 30-day policy was added several months ago. Not sure of the date off the top of my head, but I think it was around last fall. Sorry, but the policy is firm. To date, we think the 30 day policy has worked fairly well for DOL (due to staff time limitations, some state agencies don’t allow comments).

      Your question about the Off-Road Motorcycle Q &A is a good one. The person who put that story on our blog published it as a “page.” It may now seem to make more sense that it should have been published as a “post” as only “posts” appear in archives. As you mentioned, the story still appears in search results on our blog. Search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) also produce results listing that page. If I’m not mistaken, I believe at least one of our posts also has a link to that page. So, while perhaps not ideal, the page is still public. The alternative is to delete the page and then publish a post with the same story. However, that would have produced dead links in search results and on other blogs/websites already linking to the page. Also, deleting the page and publishing the original story as a post would mean loosing all of the existing comments on that page.

      I hope these answers prove helpful to you, Mark.

  4. Mark Bezinque says:

    DOL Blog,

    Sorry to leave a reply on this post, but for some reason the all the months/posts prior to this post (March 2012) appear to be closed for reply.
    Please comment and open the “leave a reply” on Feb. 2012

    Also I have several replies that are waiting for the DOL Blog to pass thru moderation in Feb. 2012.
    Please reply with the reason for not passing thru moderation?

    Mark Bezinque

    • DOL Blog says:

      Thank you for your comment, Mr. Bezinque. No need to apologize. The comment sections on this blog remain open for a period of 30-days. This is mentioned in our Blog Use Policy. If you’d like to read the policy, you can simply click the tab “Blog Use Policy” at the top of this page.

      I do recall that you had an earlier pending comment, but you had gone ahead and copied and pasted it into a subsequent comment which remains up to this day.

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