Motorcycle testing to be conducted outside DOL

OLYMPIA—Starting August 1, most motorcycle riders seeking an endorsement to legally ride in Washington state will begin taking motorcycle knowledge and skills tests at approved motorcycle training schools across the state.

“This will give our customers easier access to motorcycle testing in more areas in the state, and will free up some of our staff to serve other customers who must come into an office,” said DOL Director Alan Haight. “We already have the infrastructure in place with motorcycle training schools since we contract with them to conduct training courses, so we expect the transition to be very easy and seamless for our customers.”

The Department of Licensing will continue to offer these tests in the Colville, White Salmon, Ilwaco, Pullman, Coulee Dam, Clarkston and Walla Walla areas until motorcycle training schools expand services near these cities. DOL also will still test riders who have previously scheduled appointments at our offices.

After passing the tests, customers will go to a licensing office to obtain their motorcycle endorsement.  The cost of a motorcycle endorsement will remain at $25; however motorcycle training schools will set the fee they charge for the tests.

This move is the first phase of implementing House Bill 1635, which gives the department authority to contract with private drive training schools, school districts and motorcycle training schools to conduct some knowledge and skills tests. The bill was passed in an effort to reduce wait times in licensing service offices.

For a list of state-approved motorcycle training schools, go to:

5 Responses to Motorcycle testing to be conducted outside DOL

  1. Mark Jackson says:

    The Seattle school is run much the same way rude staff, not enough convenient times, available subsidized appointments don’t exist. I would really like testing and training on my schedule not mid-week at different times of the day on different days of the week. Why does it cost so much. A friend just finished his a couple of weeks ago. He leaned many things but didn’t think it was worth the money. Why are there so few places to do the training and testing? Another example of the new way isn’t any better than the old way. It takes as long, the people are just as grumpy and it costs more.

  2. Took The Course says:

    This is a great move! Really encourages people to use take the motorcycle safety course. No matter who you are you can always learn something. If you are already expert, then sign up for the one day intermediate course and prove your mettle. As for people not liking this move, consider the alternative: people on the rodes with 2 wheels who somehow managed to pass the endorsement test with limited experience. A safety hazard to everyone.

    • Jerrold says:

      I took the test with an outside contractor in Vancouver Wa. took about 15 minutes. I then drove to the DMV to get my temporary endorsement. 2 hours and 11 minutes . Total time with driving was well over 3 hours and $40. This is our Governor at work, and several others in my testing group got the same treatment. PURE CRAP!

      • Mark Jackson says:

        Does more than encouraging people to take the course, it requires it. I am just not sure it is the best course. I am all for safe riding, it benefits us all. It looks as it is more about money that safety.

  3. WA License Rider Guy says:

    This is a creative, longtime coming change that is helpful on many various levels. Lifts the burden, enhances the knowledge, skills, responsibilities and the workforce to concentrate on what we all need to do as we carry ourselves and the goals attained forward

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