Some driver and vehicle fees increasing in October


OLYMPIA — Several fees related to driver and vehicle licensing charged by the Department of Licensing increased today.

These fee increases, passed by the 2012 State Legislature, are required to continue to fund the operation and maintenance of the roads, streets, bridges, ferries, transit systems, and other services that make up our vital transportation system.

(Please click image below for larger view of fees.)

10 Responses to Some driver and vehicle fees increasing in October

  1. Dark Cougar says:

    What puzzles me is that not only is my fee for a mandatory driver’s license renewal nearly doubled, but the state should be saving money by having people renew online. I guess the savings from this move is all for the state.

  2. Your Mom says:

    Typical conservatives blaming the other party on things they are unhappy with. LOL. “THIS SUCKS! ITS PROBABLY NOT OUR FAULT THOUGH, IT’S THEIRS!” Grow up you narrow minded fundies.

  3. Ron says:

    If Gov Gargoyle and her cronies would stop issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens (undocumented democrats), stop giving them brand new public housing, giving them a pay raise for each additional kid they have, stop free medical care, etc, then we could cut the fees in half instead of doubling or tripling them.

  4. xxxx says:

    This is obviously draconian. The state is not even embarrassed to impose such a large increase? Anybody who is aware of this is angry, so it is time to take action and change the government. Why are these people still in power?

  5. cody says:

    Double and even triple are you kidding me? how does this even seem appropriate to these stupid democrats? ill be making sure to stick it to them where ever i can changing address before registering to a cheaper county and gifting cars. Wake up idiots

  6. y says:

    Just another way for capital hill to rob the people of money earned ,It is sad to see that CAPITAL HILL won’t take the hit for once. How about they take a pay cut or how about they dip into the LOTTO MONEY without it affecting the general public..YOU Know us the little people who are already struggling to stay one step ahead of the game!!!!!!!

  7. Yaamen says:

    This is garbage. Most of this money is spend on the other side of the state from where I reside. More salt on the wound- MANDATORY license plate swap! My plate is near mint. You spend millions to beautify the side of a road but you cant cut some slack on the fees. The new ID fee has me boiling. That is outrageous. It is “the law” to have one at as a teen. How many people that are on tight budgets as is get to shell out this kind of a fee for their kid- incase an officer wishes to approach them. This state is turning into a joke. Take away the politicians great pay rates and then we will get some fair laws and smart spending.

    • Donna says:

      Another example of the liberals in charge of this state sneaking in an excessive tax/fee that adversely affects the middle class already on tight budgets. The politicians in Olympia continue to align themselves with their failed cronies on the “Left Coast” to fullfill their diehard mission of taking other people’s hard-earned money without accountability.

      • Eddie says:

        I agree with you 100%. It’s because Democrats who run this state can’t balance the budget w/o finding some way to increase some existing tax or come up with crazy HOV fees which still don’t ease traffic much (how about opening the HOV lanes during non peak hours, outside of 6-9 am and 3-7pm!) Vote these Dem.s out of office now!

  8. Bruce Edwards says:

    BS on the fees. Seems like you guys are about more money and less about service, Sat for nearly two hours today to renew my DL and I had to pay you $45 for that!

    Loved the signage that exclaimed “We’re here to make you happy” or some such stuff.

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