New license plates benefit 4-H, honor state flower

4h-and-stflwrNew specialty license plates featuring the 4-H clover and Washington state flower, the rhododendron, are now available.

Revenue generated from the sale of specialty plates not only goes to the state, but also goes to organizations associated with each plate.

For example, money collected from the sale of the 4-H plate goes toward activities to support the 90,000 Washington boys and girls that participate in 4-H.

And revenue from the state-flower plate generates revenue for garden associations statewide.

Specialty plates cost $40 more than standard plates; renewal costs $30.

Visit the DOL’s website at the links below to learn how to purchase each specialty plate.

4-H Plates

State Flower plates

One Response to New license plates benefit 4-H, honor state flower

  1. MacIntyre says:

    Our Grandson was honme on leave and had to have his license when he went back to Germany. First we paid $35.00 to DOL so he could go take his test, then $15.00 to the Driver School to take the written test, then when he went to take the driving test we paid another $35.00, then the $45.00 for the actual license. That does not include the time spent running back and forth between our home, DOL and the Driving School with an additional trip because his information was not in the system from DOL at the outset. I think I would prefer the wait at DOL, to running all over trying to get a license. Sure put enough money in the pockets of DOL, the Driving School and the gas companies. They didn’t think this one through.

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