More DOL offices to offer enhanced and commercial driver license services

The Department of Licensing is expanding the number of offices where customers can obtain enhanced driver licenses, enhanced ID cards, commercial driver licenses and commercial instruction permits from 27 locations to 40 locations.

“Governor Inslee approved our plan to expand these services and it was funded by the Legislature,” DOL Director Pat Kohler said. “This will make getting enhanced or commercial licenses much more convenient for our customers and we expect it to help reduce wait times in many of our larger offices currently handling large numbers of commercial and enhanced driver license transactions.”

The Department of Licensing can’t offer these types of licenses in 16 of it’s smaller locations because they lack the staffing or equipment required to meet federal requirements for issuing documents that require applicants to provide proof of U.S. citizenship or proof of legal presence in the United States.

Enhanced driver licenses and ID cards, commercial driver licenses and commercial learner permits will now be offered at these driver licensing office locations:

  • Bellingham
  • Mt. Vernon
  • Oak Harbor*
  • Port Angeles
  • Bremerton
  • Poulsbo*
  • Downtown Seattle
  • Everett*
  • Lynnwood
  • Smokey Point
  • Shoreline*
  • Bellevue-Redmond
  • Kent*
  • North Bend*
  • Renton
  • West Seattle
  • Federal Way*
  • Lacey
  • Parkland
  • Puyallup
  • Shelton*
  • Tacoma
  • Hoquiam
  • Centralia*
  • North Vancouver
  • East Vancouver*
  • Kelso
  • Kennewick
  • Sunnyside*
  • Union Gap
  • Walla Walla
  • Ephrata*
  • Moses Lake
  • Omak
  • Wenatchee
  • Ellensburg
  • Colville
  • Spokane Valley*
  • Spokane
  • Pullman

* Newly added

Please note:  Once issued, enhanced driver licenses and enhanced ID cards can be renewed at any driver license office, online or by mail. Customers who need to apply for a name change on an enhanced driver license or ID card are required to visit one of the offices above. Also, commercial driver license customers must always renew in person at one of the offices listed above.

3 Responses to More DOL offices to offer enhanced and commercial driver license services

  1. Alan Vanderville says:

    bike path and
    walkway projects,
    rail and transit projects,
    ferry system improvements and w d
    fish barrier removal.

    Why are drivers paying for these?
    Bikes use roads they don’t pay for, and drivers pay for their bike paths?

    Walkways, Fish barriers? So those that live in Seattle and use the bus system, not only don’t pay for these, but drivers are subsidizing their bus system?

    Enhanced Drivers licences went from $18 to $54. How do you justify that?

    And nothing keeps the state from moving funds that were meant to fix our roads to the General Budget later.

  2. I just renewed by car tabs this morning. What has happened to our $30 car tab fee? The state just keeps adding one more ridiculous fee year after year. I actually laughed out loud at two of the additional funding road construction and maintenance projects and the other for funding local transportation projects. The roads I drive on are in terrible condition, especially the local ones. Where is all this money actually going? It certainly isn’t going to the areas stated on my renewal form. Seems like we are paying more and getting nothing for it.

  3. Richard Littleton says:

    I was shocked to get the cost of renewal for my 2002 pickup, which gets older every year! I too am on a limited budget, but have no choice but to pay! I think it’s time to vote some poor boys into office, and get rid of these high rollers that make all the money and don’t give a d–n about us that worked hard all our lives yet are still struggling till death to get out of their way!

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