Cosmetology Advisory Board has opening for public position

June 11, 2012


The Department of Licensing is looking for a public member to join our Cosmetology, Barber, Manicuring and Esthetician Advisory Board.

What does the advisory board do?
The advisory board makes recommendations to the Department on the laws and rules governing cosmetology, barbering, manicuring, estheticians and industry schools.  We need a public member to give us opinions and information from the consumer’s point of view.  

Who is eligible to fill this position?
We are looking for a consumer who is not affiliated with the cosmetology industry.  This means you cannot be any of the following:

  • A licensee
  • A student
  • An instructor
  • A shop owner
  • A school owner

Is this a paid position?
Yes, board members are paid up to $50 per day for board meetings.  We do not use general funds for our program, so travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed at state rates.

What kind of commitment is this?

  • Board members are appointed for a period of three years 
  • Regular meetings are scheduled on a quarterly basis – usually on a Monday
  • Other meetings may be scheduled as needed

Are you interested?
Great!  Please visit the following link to our webpage to access the application and to get more information about the board:

Cosmetology Board looking for a few good representatives

July 25, 2011

by Christine Anthony

The Department of Licensing is looking to fill current and upcoming board vacancies on the Cosmetology, Barber, Manicuring and Esthetic Advisory Board.

If you are:

  • A currently practicing cosmetologist, barber, esthetician or manicurist?
  • A representative of an approved apprentice shop?
  • A representative of a privately-owned cosmetology school?
  • A consumer who is not affiliated with the cosmetology, barber, esthetician or manicurist industry?

And, you are able to:

  • Make a three-year commitment.
  • Travel to attend meetings.
  • Be an active voice for the cosmetology industry.

If you are interested, please submit your application to the board today.  Application with instructions on how to apply can be found online at