DOL Job Openings

April 19, 2012

DOL Job Openings

The Washington State Department of Licensing currently has job openings for two Senior Project Managers and one WordPress Specialist / Web Developer.

The Senior Project Manager openings are full-time, permanent positions with monthly salaries ranging between $5,369.00 and $7,040.00.  Both of these jobs are located in Olympia.  The closing date for these two positions is May 18, 2012.  Read more and apply for the Senior Project Manager positions here.

The WordPress Specialist / Web Developer is a non-permanent, on-call position lasting between three and six months.  The hourly salary ranges from $22.94 to $33.21.  This position is also located in Olympia.  The closing date for this opening is April 25, 2012. Read the full job description and apply for this position here.

Even if you decide not to apply for these jobs, we’d be grateful if you considered helping us spread the word about these openings by sharing this blog post using the social media tools conveniently located below.  Thank you!

DOL redesigns disabled parking tabs for specialty license plates

June 23, 2009

DP_tab_2by Brad Benfield, DOL Media Relations Manager

On July 1, the Department of Licensing (DOL) will start issuing a redesigned disabled parking privilege license plate tab for use on specialty license plates.

This special tab can be used to make most types of specialty license plates function like a regular disabled parking (DP) license plate. They can’t be used on standard issue plates, regular disabled parking plates, rideshare plates, ham radio operator plates or on license plates that do not require annual renewal.

DP_plate_decalIn the past, the DP tab was produced using the same color background and text as regular license expiration tabs. The new DP tabs will be produced with a bright yellow background with black text. This will make them much easier to distinguish from standard license tabs.

DOL began working on this change following reports that the tab used for this purpose looked too much like a regular tab and wasn’t being recognized as a legitimate DP parking credential by law enforcement, parking attendants or other motorists.

Individuals requesting the new yellow disabled parking tab also will receive… (Read more).