Driver license pictures go glam

September 18, 2009

kiro7_glamby Mark Horner

Now, there’s a headline (above) you may have never seen before.  But, yes, driver license photos went “glam” at one Licensing Service Office on Thursday morning.  It was all part of a promotional campaign by KIRO TV and MOVIN 92.5 radio.

Here’s the lead paragraph from today’s story on, followed by a link to the full text of KIRO’S story AND direct links to KIRO’S videos.

KIRKLAND — Women everywhere complain about their driver’s license photo. Unfortunately, once the camera snaps, you’re stuck with that shot for years. That’s why Brooke Fox from the ladies room on MOVIN 92.5 created glam up your drivers license day Thursday at the Department of Licensing in Kirkland. (

Jenni gets her license pic taken
Brooke gets her license pic taken
Behind the scenes where the glam magic happens