Motorcycle kickstand coasters

July 15, 2009

by Selena Davis, DOL Spokesperson

Recent media reports and blog posts are whipping up some confusion over a recently published Request For Quotes (RFQ) issued this week by DOL’s Motorcycle Safety Program.

It was inaccurately assumed the RFQ was a purchase order for 20,000 motorcycle kickstand coasters to be used to promote motorcycle training and endorsement.  It is important to note a RFQ is not the same as a purchase order. These products have not been purchased.

Motorcycle kickstand coasters are used by riders to support their motorcycle in when parking on soft surfaces, and they can prevent a parked motorcycle from falling. DOL has used these items to promote the proven benefits of safety training and rider license endorsements, and recently run out of kickstand coasters.

The last batch of 20,000 kickstand coasters was ordered in October 2006. The cost totaled $16,125 and was paid for by federal grants. DOL is simply exploring the cost to continue to use them, and is in no way committed to ordering 20,000 coasters.

So why issue a public RFQ? This RFQ will provide useful information to have on hand when budgeting for future outreach needs or for writing federal grant applications. Times are tight now in state government, and every RFQ is closely examined to ensure it is cost effective before making a purchase order.

It is also important to note the Motorcycle Safety Program is not funded by general fund dollars.  Public outreach, like promotional kickstand coasters, commercials, and PSAs, are funded by federal grants.  Federal grant money can only be spent as it is designated, and our lawmakers fight so Washingtonians get their share.