Department of Licensing launches new, time-saving online driver licensing services

September 12, 2013


DOL recently introduced two new online services that will save our customers time. The first, our Online Driver License Pre-Application, allows individuals seeking their first Washington State driver license or ID card to start the process online to save themselves time in our offices. When they do visit a driver license office, our staff simply verifies the information provided while validating their identity documents.  
The second new online application is designed for teens with an instruction (learner’s) permit. After they successfully complete the required traffic safety course and driver testing at a licensed driver training school, they can go online to finalize their driver license and pay the required licensing fees without another visit to a driver licensing office. After completing the simple online process, their new license is mailed to them, saving them the second visit to a driver license office.  

Temporary layoff day means DOL offices closed day after Labor Day

September 1, 2010

Due to state budget cuts, DOL offices will be closed for business on Tuesday, Sept. 7, as DOL employees take their third required temporary layoff day. Because this temporary layoff day directly follows the Labor Day holiday, all driver licensing offices will be closed Saturday, Sept. 4, through Tuesday, Sept. 7. Offices will reopen on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

DOL is advising individuals who need driver license services to try to take advantage of online service options or to plan carefully to minimize their wait if they have to visit an office in person – average wait times will likely be significantly higher than normal when offices reopen Wednesday, Sept. 8.

You can check the DOL website to see if you can renew or replace a driver license or ID card, obtain a copy of your driving record, and renew your vehicle tabs from your home or office computer.

State temporary layoff days do not affect county or private vehicle licensing offices. A list of vehicle licensing offices is available on the department’s website.

Temporary layoff days for state employees were approved by the Legislature and signed by the Governor in the face of a $2.8 billion budget shortfall.