Reggie’s story: 10-minutes that could save a life

August 26, 2010

by Mark Horner

What if you were told that 10-minutes of your time could save a life? And–just maybe–your own life. Or your kid’s. Or your dad’s. Yes, mom’s life, too.

10-minutes free of labor.
10-minutes devoid of any request for a single penny.
10-minutes simply spent sitting…and watching.

Okay—if you’ve peeked at the tags on this post—your hunch is correct. This is a video about texting while driving.

Maybe you already feel bombarded by the anti “TWD” campaigns. But you’ve probably never seen a video quite like this one. It’ll strip-away any lurking numbness from the topic.

This is Reggie Shaw’s story. And the story of the people he killed. And their families.

10-minutes. Not a second wasted.

Please watch, and perhaps, another life won’t be wasted.