Washington State Department of Licensing

From highway safety, vehicle and driver fraud, to the licensing and regulation of more than 30 professions and businesses, public safety and consumer protection are the cornerstones of our responsibilities. We also ensure the fair and efficient collection of state revenue.

We have more than 1,000 employees working hard every day to serve customers at more than 50 licensing service offices throughout Washington.

On a daily basis, we:

  • test and authorize new drivers to go on the road.
  • answer inquiries for vehicle record information and driver record information.
  • register vehicles and issue vehicle titles.
  • process records on traffic accidents to enable law enforcement to follow up on safety violations.
  • issue professional licenses and certifications.

Helping every Washington resident live, work, drive, and thrive.

Respect, trust, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We’ll be friendly and helpful — every time.

Find contact information for driver licensing, vehicle and vessel licensing, business and professional licensing, and more.

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  1. Hello,
    I would like to receive copies of the instructions for completing the application process for DOL review of proof of residency documents (when applicant does not have a social security number). I would also like to receive copies of the letter and form to request an appointment for DOL to review the documents. Last, I would like clarification whether it is necessary for applicants who reside in Bellingham, to have to travel to Everett in order to attend the appointment. Please scan and email the above documents to the following email address:

  2. We have had an inquiry as to the validity of the vertical driver’s license. Is the vertical driver’s license still valid ID?

  3. There was a news article about California considering digitizing license plates to run ads as a revenue source. Rumors have Washington State contemplating the same. Is WA State DOL actually looking at this?

  4. In assessing the security of the enhanced driver’s license, or the new regular driver’s license for that matter, I see that digital photography is being used. How long has the State used digital photograpy for driver’s license purposes, such that we can be more assured of foiling identity theft? Is there a state database of digital photos that we are now building to rely upon, or a national database? Thanks for any information you may have in that regard.

    1. The Department of Licensing began issuing driver licenses and ID cards with digital pictures in the summer of 2001. At that time we started capturing a copy of the digital image on each individual’s driving or ID card record. All current records in our driver database now contain a digital picture our staff can use to verify the identity of someone standing before them for service. It also allows us to use facial recognition software within our system as another tool against identity theft or other types of fraud. Our system does not utilize photos from any other federal or state database.

  5. I have a problem signing up for email renewal reminder for a boat. Your website won’t recognize the following information, which I’ve used for years:
    14′ Nymph aluminum skiff
    HIN SEAE0671M79B
    Regis. No. WN 660 BV


    Tracy Madole

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