Want an enhanced driver license/ID? Make an appointment now — it’ll cost more in October

Animated image of a Washington enhanced driver license and an enhanced ID card. It reads, "Now: 6-year fee $24, 8-year fee $32. After September: 6-year fee $42, 8-year fee $56. Costs shown are enhanced fees only; total cost for these documents is higher. Upgrade now for $4/year left in your cycle. Upgrade after September for $7/year."Thinking of upgrading to an enhanced driver license or identification card? You’ll pay less if you do it soon.

Starting Oct. 1, 2022, enhanced Washington licenses and IDs will cost $3 more per year than they do now. That means a six-year license/ID will cost $18 more, and an eight-year version will cost $24 more.

The fee increase is the result of legislative action to help fund Move Ahead Washington, the nearly $17 billion transportation package signed into law earlier this year. As part of the same law, other fee increases — such as those for original license plates — took effect July 1, 2022.

The coming enhanced document fee increase isn’t the only reason to act now to get one. By this time next year, a standard driver license or ID card won’t get you through airport security. If you plan to fly, you’ll need to upgrade to an enhanced license/ID or consider one of several other options.

Washington residents seeking an enhanced license/ID are advised not to delay. As demand increases, it could become harder to find an appointment at your nearest driver licensing office. The soonest one available to you may be several weeks out, and October is approaching fast.

The enhanced fee increase applies to renewals. If your enhanced license/ID is due to be renewed within the next year, you can renew it before October and save.

Other fee increases taking effect Oct. 1, 2022

In addition to the enhanced license/ID fee, a couple other increases take effect in October. Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5974 also raises:

  • Driver abstract fee: A driver abstract is a summary of a person’s driving record. It is often used by employers or prospective employers, data brokers, volunteer organizations, insurance carriers, alcohol and drug assessment or treatment agencies, or other entities. The cost will increase from $13 to $15 on Oct. 1, 2022, and then to $17 on July 1, 2029.
  • Driver license photo and update-only fee: This covers a replacement license or ID card to correct or update information, such as obtaining a new photo or updating an address. The cost will increase from $10 to $20 starting Oct. 1, 2022.